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Cutting-Edge Audio Conferencing

Your conferencing service should be versatile. PSI Audio Conferencing is loaded with features that simplify meeting management — whether you're dialing in, moderating the call or conferencing from the web. No reservations required — you can host instant conference calls whenever you need without pre-scheduling or operator assistance. Your service is always active and ready to use, just call your dedicated conference number, and enter your conference code and host code to initiate a call.

More Productive Meetings

Crystal-clear audio quality paired with intuitive mobile and desktop apps provide a superior user experience, making every audio conference call more efficient and productive.

PSI Audio Conferencing is a simple and convenient audio conferencing solution that is ideal for:

  • Hosting weekly status meetings
  • Conducting sales meetings with employees and prospects
  • Gathering participants for a last-minute meeting


Below is a summary of PSI Audio Conferencing's Capabilities

Standard Features

  • Up to 300 participant capacity
  • Mobile applications for your Apple and Android devices to start and run your calls.
  • Integrate with Outlook
  • Record your calls (wav and mp3 files) and download them at no cost
  • Global call capabilities (toll free access throughout the world)
  • 24x7 operator assistance (by pressing * 0)
  • Post Conference Report — auto email to moderator upon call conference completion provides participant information.
  • Roll call
  • Keypad shortcuts (star controls)
  • Call accounting support
  • Participant entry/exit
  • Dial-out access
  • Optional security codes
  • Up to 9 sub-conferences

Web Access Features

  • Online account management
  • Upload and display presentations
  • Audio host controls: individual muting, volume and disconnect
  • Active Talker icon identifies current speakers
  • Chat and Raise Hand controls