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PSI Meeting Operator-Assisted Calls

From Quarterly Earnings Calls, to Press Events, Corporate Announcements, or HR Communications, you can rely on PSI Meeting to deliver a superior experience.  With a capacity of up to 10,000 callers, our professional operators and event managers will help you manage every step of the call.

Customization: Our event managers have years of experience helping customers personalize their events based on their specific needs. Your event manager will take care of all the details, from scheduling and briefing presenters before the event to distributing post-event attendance reports and replays.

Professional Care: We are confident that our real-time event announcers and technical experts are the best in the industry. Each event manager undergoes months of intensive training, ongoing assessment and mentoring, to provide the most professional event experience for your attendees.

Security & Reliability: Security concerns rank near the very top of our priority list in hosting your conference. Our service has significant security features that allow you to conduct a managed business conference with complete confidence.

Our goal is to create the secure, customized conferencing environment that you require. If you have a specific request, we will do our best make it happen - just ask.

  • SECURE LIST - The call host can supply PSI Meeting with a list of participants you wish to allow entry into your conference call. As callers are arriving, the operator attending to your call will only allow previously approved callers to join.
  • LATE ARRIVALS AND CALL LOCKDOWN - The host may set up security parameters for the conference call in advance with instructions to restrict late callers from joining the conference. Additionally, the host can instruct the operator attending the conference call to lock the call at any time.
  • ATTENDEE REMOVAL - The host may instruct the attending operator to remove a participant from the conference call at any time.

Before the call

  • Event Consultation and Production Services: Specialists coordinate rehearsals and advise on timing, flow and techniques.
  • Event Registration: Collect information in advance about your participants
  • Event Invitations and Broadcast Messaging: Send mass messages via email or SMS
  • Pre-recorded Audio Session: Script and record your event introduction before launching into the live session
  • Participant Verification: Dedicated operator can remove participants when notified during preconference or via the behind-the scenes Communication Line

During the call

  • Professional Question & Answer: Drive interaction through operator-managed Q&A
  • Participant Polling: Request feedback through operator-managed surveys
  • Event Host Controls: Display attendee data in real-time so you can see who has joined and manage Q&A queue
  • Web Conferencing or Webcasting Services: Share visuals during your event
  • Conference Recording: Broaden your reach with replay, CD, tape, or audio files
  • Communication Line: Open phone communication between client contact(s) and dedicated communication line operator
  • Dial-Outs: Operator will call and personally connect attendees to the call
  • Sub-Conferences: Breakout sessions or private conferences with selected speakers or attendees

After the call

  • Attendee List: Attendee information and when they joined or disconnected from the call
  • Custom Reporting: Capture additional information from registration, participation, and polling
  • Transcription: Document the call, satisfy legal requirements and provide an archive of the event
  • Translation: Translate event transcripts into other languages
  • Recording Duplication: Professional-grade recordings for single or bulk duplications
  • Audio Production: Professional grade recording and editing to produce high-quality recordings for playback and reproduction
  • Audio Replay: By phone 24/7 after the event