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Simply Better Web Conferencing

Web conferencing never seems to work the way it should. That's why we created GlobalMeet — an easier and better way to share presentations and collaborate with large groups online.

GlobalMeet lets you meet with up to 125 people and no downloads are required for guests to enter the meeting. There's no need for dial-in numbers and pass codes, one click and the meeting calls you. Take a free trial today and experience simply better meetings.

GlobalMeet offers the best web conferencing experience of any product on the market today.  With best-in-class 24/7 support and very affordable pricing, GlobalMeet is the clear choice among its competitors.  


User Friendly Web Conferencing

Most web conferencing tools are overly complicated. GlobalMeet is easy to use and does not require downloads for guests. That's why GlobalMeet is simply better web conferencing.  WIth its intuitive interface and features like one-click scheduling and drag-and-drop file uploading, GlobalMeet ensures your online meetings run smoothly and easily every single time.

Waiting for your guests to download software can delay the start of your meetings.  GlobalMeet is also cloud-based so no downloads are required to enter the meeting.  Guests just click on your personal URL and join the meeting without any hassle.

Global Meets lets you have meetings wherever you are are with full featured apps for iOS and Android so you can easily host or join a meeting, and transfer an ongoing meeting to another device. 




Better Presentations

GlobalMeet gives you all the tools you need to make highly effective and engaging online presentations for up to 125 people.

Better Audio Quality

GlobalMeet is integrated with PSI's best-in-class global audio network so you won't have to deal with static, echoes or dropped calls.


Better Mobility

Whether you're in the office or on-the-go, GlobalMeet works wherever you are. Join or host web conferences from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Better Value

GlobalMeet offers a range of pricing packages that are highly competitive compared to other web conferencing services.